HCP currently has a total of 47 scholars in the project, including 26 at Battambang and 21 at Kampong Cham. Of these scholars, 41 are still studying, four have graduated, and two have left University but say that they still intend to meet their HCP obligations at some stage.

A total of six students have been “lost”, including two who never actually received HCP funding, and four who quit University in their first semester and are unlikely to ever make HCP payments.

Battambang HCP scholars (26)

1st generation (2007) — three students
2nd generation (2008) — three students
3rd generation (2009) — nine students
4th generation (2010) — four students
5th generation (2011) — seven students
6th generation (2012) — five students

Kampong Cham HCP scholars (27)

2nd generation (2008) — four students
3rd generation (2009) — four students
4th generation (2010) — six students
5th generation (2011) — seven students
6th generation (2012) — six students

*Updated on 14 November 2012


HCP is also committed to maintaining a student alumni group:

More about HCP alumni

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